Chatterbox for ChatGPT

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Chatterbox is a native macOS app to easily interact with the ChatGPT website from your Mac. It’s always at your fingertips, just one hotkey away (like Spotlight) and comes with powerful tools for taking and managing screenshots.

Feature Overview

  1. Easily take screenshots of the whole conversation with a single button press or keyboard shortcut
  2. In-app screenshot manager, quickly delete or export screenshots via drag-and-drop
  3. Global Hotkey (like Spotlight for ChatGPT): Press ⌥ Space (or custom hotkey) and quickly summon ChatGPT from anywhere
  4. Convenient Keyboard shortcuts for all important actions
  5. Native UI elements that look and feel right at home on your Mac
  6. Automatic dark mode switching, based on system-wide dark mode

❓💡 Help & Feedback

  • ⚠️ Note: macOS 12 (Monterey) or newer is required to run Chatterbox
  • ℹ️ The latest app version is 1.7
  • If you encounter any issues, have questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to get in touch 😊
  • Email or DM me on a social media channel of your choice (see links to my profiles on


The User Interface of Chatterbox allowing convenient access to the ChatGPT web interface.

No more stitching individual screenshots together when you want to share a whole conversation with your friends or on social media. Chatterbox allows you to easily capture the whole conversation as a single image file! 🖼️ 🪄

Demo Video

See Chatterbox in action 😊

About Me And The App

This app was developed the weekend right after ChatGPT was announced (as a hobby project) because I wanted a more "macOS native" way to interact with ChatGPT (and I was tired of stitching together multiple screenshots to share a conversation with my friends!) 🤓

Since this might be useful for others, I decided to polish it a little and share it here for free (you can just enter $0 - although any tips are of course much appreciated 🙏).

Other than tipping here on Gumroad, you can support the app by sharing it with your friends or on social media.

It would be really awesome if you could quickly check out my other (work in progress) iOS app projects! If any of them look interesting, please follow me on a social media channel of your choice or join the email waitlist to be notified when they are ready (hint: Zenitizer, my meditation app, will be ready for a public TestFlight beta very soon 🧘)


Chatterbox merely acts as a specialized browser for the ChatGPT website. All credit for the actual ChatGPT functionality and web interface goes to OpenAI! Also note that using ChatGPT in Chatterbox (just like in any other browser) requires an OpenAI account and any interactions with the ChatGPT web interface are subject to OpenAI’s terms of use and other policies.

This also means that I cannot guarantee that Chatterbox will continue to work without unexpected side effects or issues in the future. When the ChatGPT website changes all or some functionality may stop working and while I am planning to try and keep it working, I cannot guarantee this will always be possible/feasible. The software is provided as is and you are using it at your own risk.


Chatterbox itself does not collect any data. Screenshots and settings are stored locally on your Mac and the only network requests the app makes are in order to display and interact with the ChatGPT website.

Of course your use of the actual ChatGPT service is subject to OpenAIs privacy policy.

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Chatterbox for ChatGPT

30 ratings
I want this!